Short and sweet.

Hopefully all of my posts won’t be as long as the home buying one.  I plan to make these short and to the point as they happen.

Prime example:  I’m at work, and went out to my car on my lunch break.  There is a nail in the front driver’s side tire.  A new tire for my car is going to cost about $60.  New tire being an emergency necessity,  I quickly checked the bank account to make sure we’d still be in budget if I spend the $60.  Turns out my wife just spend $58.80 on used clothes.  She defends it by saying that most of it was clothes for the kids, which would make sense, if the the kids needed clothes.  But as it stands, we could clothe an African nation-state with the amount of clothes she’s bought for our kids, and probably fund their army with the amount she’s spent on them.

A $60 tire won’t put us in the poor house, but we have emergency money set aside for a reason… that reason being emergencies. Definitely not for my damn wife to go on shopping sprees.


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